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Sleep Studies

A sleep study usually takes one full night at Sleep Disorder Clinic. Additional testing the following day also may be needed to evaluate daytime sleepiness. During all studies, sleep technologists will continuously monitor and record your sleeping patterns, breathing, snoring, heart activity and body movements.

The sleep study or polysomnogram, is a combination of several diagnostics tests all recorded simultaneously during sleep. Brain wave activity or EEG will be recorded by attaching electrodes with adhesive to the scalp. Eye movements and chin muscle will also be monitored in this manner. Depending on your physician’s request, other monitors may be applied to monitor breathing, airflow and oxygen level. The equipment may be minimally uncomfortable, but does not prevent sleep, nor interfere with a meaningful sleep study.

The information recorded will be reviewed and interpreted by a Sleep Disorder Clinic physician and a report will be sent to your physician(s). A preliminary report will be faxed to your physician within three business days. A final report will be sent within the week. If you would like a copy of your final report, please contact our office. To prevent miscommunications you should see the physician who referred you to have the Sleep study to discus the results of the test. If your study reveals an abnormal finding and suggest that you have sleep apnea then you may be contacted by the Sleep lab to have a CPAP titration study.

If nasal CPAP therapy has been recommended, you will need to return to the Sleep Disorders Clinic for a Nasal CPAP study. If you have any questions about your testing or sleep evaluation, please let us know. A sleep clinic physician or a staff member will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

Patients who have just completed nasal CPAP testing may be candidates for home nasal CPAP use. Your physician would need to order a nasal CPAP unit if required. The appropriate unit and fitting may be made available at the Sleep disorder clinic of Washington.